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3rd EMAC Junior Faculty & Doctoral Student Research Camp

The EMAC Junior Faculty & Doctoral Student Research Camp is an initiative by EMAC with the aim of raising the research capability of new/young researchers embarking on an academic career. The camp is intended as forum for

  1. providing high-level research and career advice to next-generation researchers by senior/established EMAC scholars, and
  2. offering opportunities for close interaction among young researchers (both junior faculty and PhD- students) from different countries.


The EMAC Research Camp will be  hosted by the University of Vienna (Faculty of Economics, Business & Statistics, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna, Austria) during September 3 - 4, 2018.

More information here.


ECR Academic Student Award 2017

Frau Manzinger Sandra gewinnt in der Kategorie Masterarbeiten den 2. Platz beim diesjährigen ECR Academic Student Award 2017. Ihre Ehrung fand am ECR Austria Infotag am 16.11.2017 statt.(Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.)


8th EMAC Regional Conference

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the West University of Timisoara in Romania  hosted the 8th EMAC Regional Conference "Bridging the Marketing/Theory practice Gap and the Competitiveness of New Europe” on September 20-22, 2017.

The main objective of this Conference is to generate new insights that inspire academics and practitioners about ways of closing the gap between marketing theory and practice to enhance competitiveness of the firms.


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Ausgewählte Publikationen

Pauser, S., Wagner, U. (2018): "The Dose Makes the Poison: Investigating the Optimum Level of a Salesperson's Charisma", in Marketing ZFP, 40, 1, S. 35-47

Reimann, O., Wagner, U., Reisinger, H. (2017): "The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement and Celebrity Co-branding on Perceived Quality: The Role of Celebrity Application Frequency Within a Brand", in Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing, Fourth International Conference, Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics, S. 55-63

Garaus, M., Wagner, U., Bäck, A. (2017): "The Effect of Media Multitasking on Advertising Message Effectiveness", in Psychology & Marketing, 34, 2, S. 138-156

Garaus, M. (2016): "Atmospheric harmony in the retail environment: Its influence on store satisfaction and re-patronage intentions", in Journal of Consumer Behaviour, forthcoming

Garaus, M., Wagner, U., Manzinger, S. (2017): "Happy grocery shopper: The creation of positive emotions through affective digital signage content", in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 124, S. 295-305

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