Major and Minor in Marketing and International Marketing

The Chair of Marketing together with the Chair of International Marketing offers the MAJOR Marketing and International Marketing (for BW). This consists of two modules:
(1) Marketing und Internationales Marketing I
(2) Marketing und Internationales Marketing II

The module Marketing and International Marketing I can be chosen as MINOR. (for BW and IBW)

The Marketing and International Marketing Major aims to provide detailed knowledge in the various subfields of marketing at an academic level. Emphasis is placed on the areas of

  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Data Analysis for Marketing Decisions
  • Marketing Communication
  • International Marketing Management
  • Responsible Marketing
  • B2B Marketing
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Innovation Marketing
  • Marketing Dramaturgy

In this elective module, you will learn to understand and apply marketing as an integrating corporate function. A core objective is always to enable you to act in a market-oriented manner in your future professional field.

Common international textbooks will be used for the training, which will also show the interconnection to other knowledge disciplines of business administration, economics and other social sciences. During the seminar, you will be introduced to the independent study of a marketing topic from the perspective of the relevant journals.

The pre-vocational dimension is promoted by courses in which you work on real problems from practice with the appropriate aids from theory in project form. Some of these projects are carried out with partners from industry and commerce. The following project topics, for example, have been worked on by student groups:

  • Customer segmentation in the B2B area
  • Redesign of corporate identity (brand naming, logo development, color selection, slogan, corporate identity measures)
  • The effect of room scent on information storage
  • Measuring the effectiveness of sponsoring
  • Triggering impulse purchases through store design
  • Customer segment analysis in food retailing
  • Analysis of different packaging formats for an energy drink
  • Measures to increase the ease of orientation at the POS
  • Measurement of brand awareness for hygiene products
  • Development of a strategic marketing concept for a ski resort
  • Subliminal influence and its importance for advertising
  • Cluster analysis of Austrian students for the detergent market

In addition, the courses are supplemented by lectures by practitioners from the field in order to promote the transfer of knowledge.